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          Opening of SieMatic in Prenzlauer Berg

          new exclusive showroom in Berlin

          The new Exclusive Showroom SieMatic in Prenzlauer Berg opened its doors on October 18 in the heart of the trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg, directly on Sch?nhauser Allee, Berlin. Four SieMatic kitchens, perfectly reflecting the PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC style worlds, are presented on a showroom area of over 200 m2. The classic building architecture is also taken up in the interior and creates a very special ambience.

          Numerous guests celebrated with owner Ingo Schütze and his team with relaxed music, delicious meal and extraordinary drinks the successful new opening. Exciting show cooking, a tombola with exclusive prizes and an impressive magician made the unforgettable evening a complete success.